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Callichthyidae = ( kal ik THEE id dee )

The most popular and best known catfishes from the South American continent. Very peaceful and mostly undemanding.

Bodies covered with two rows of bony plates and possess 3 pairs of barbels. Family includes Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis, Scleromystax
, Callichthys, Hoplosternum, Lepthoplosternum, Megalechis and Dianema. 

Aspidoras spilotus
Brochis coeruleus
Brochis dipterus
Callichthys adspersus
Callichthy albidus
Callichthys armatus
Callichthys asper
Callichthys barbatus
Callichthy chiquitos
Callichthys coelatus
Callichthys exaratus
Callichthys laeviceps
Callichthy laevigatus
Callichthys littoralis
Callichthys longifilis
Callichthys loricatus
Callichthy melampterus
Callichthys paleatus
Callichthys pectoralis
Callichthys personatus
Callichthys pictus
Callichthys splendens
Callichthy subulatus
Callichthys sulcatus
Callichthys tamoata
Callichthy thoracatus
Cascadura maculocephala
Cataphractus callichthys
Cataphractus depressus
Cataphractops melampterus
Chaenothorax bicarinatus
Chaenothorax multiradiatus
Chaenothorax semiscutatus
Corydoras australe
Corydoras barbatus 
Corydoras bertoni
Corydoras blochi blochi
Corydoras blochi vittatus
Corydoras bolivianus
Corydoras bondi bondi
Corydoras bondi coppenamensis
Corydoras caquetae
Corydoras dubius
Corydoras eigenmanni
Corydoras episcopi
Corydoras esperanzae
Corydoras funnelli
Corydoras grafi
Corydoras juquiaae
Corydoras kronei
Corydoras kronei
Corydoras lacerdai
Corydoras macropterus
Corydoras macrosteus
Corydoras maculatus
Corydoras marmoratos
Corydoras melanistius brevirostris
Corydoras melanistius longirostris
Corydoras meridionalis
Corydoras microcephalus
Corydoras microps
Corydoras myersi
Corydoras nattereri triseriatus
Corydoras octocirrus
Corydoras oelemariensis 
Corydoras pastazensis orcesi
Corydoras pauciradiatus
Corydoras pestai
Corydoras prionotus
Corydoras punctatus sipaliwini
Corydoras punctatus var. argentina
Corydoras raimundi
Corydoras schultzei
Corydoras venezuelanus
Corydoras viriscens
Corydoras wotroi
Decapogon adsperus
Decapogon urostriatum
Hoplosoma aeneum
Hoplosternum laevigatum
Hoplosternum littorale daillyi
Hoplosternum littoralis daillyi
Hoplosternum magdalenae
Hoplosternum orinocoi
Hoplosternum pectorale
Hoplosternum pectoralis
Hoplosternum personatus
Hoplosternum schreineri
Hoplosternum shirui
Hoplosternum stevardii
Hoplosternum thoracatum cayennae
Hoplosternum thoracatum
Hoplosternum thoracatum surinamensis
Megalechis  personata
Osteogaster eques
Silurus callichthys
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