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Sisoridae = ( sis SORE id dee ) 

This is the largest family of catfishes in Asia with around 100 species known.

They are not too well known to aquarists as they are only sporadically exported. The most common being the genus, Gagata, Bagarius and Glyptothorax. Known collectively as "hill stream catfishes" due to many of them being found in fast flowing rivers. The Sisorids vary in body shape and are probably the hardest family for the aquarist to identify.

Arius pumilus
Bagarius buchanani
Bagarius cavia
Bagarius lica
Bagarius yarellii
Bagrus lonah
Bagrus yarrelli
Coraglanis kishinouyei
Euchiloglanis feae
Euchiloglanis kamengensis
Euchiloglanis kamengensis
Euchiloglanis kishinouyei
Euchiloglanis macropterus
Euchiloglanis macrotrema
Euglyptosternum lineatum
Exostoma feae
Exostoma kishinouyei
Exostoma labiatus
Exostoma labrax
Exostoma macropterum
Exostoma oschanini
Exostoma stoliczkae
Exostoma yunnanensis
Gagata viridescens
Gagata youssoufi
Gangra viridescens
Glyptosternum cavia
Glyptosternum dekkanense
Glyptosternum feae
Glyptosternum fokiensis
Glyptosternum  macropternum
Glyptosternum pallozonum
Glyptosternum reticulatum
Glyptosternum sinense
Glyptosternum telchitta
Glyptothorax telchitta telchitta
Glyptosternum trilineatum
Glyptosternum yunnanensis
Glyptosternon hainanensis
Glyptosternon interspinalum
Glyptosternon labiatus
Glyptosteron minutum
Glyptosternon quadriocellatum
Glyptosternon reticulatus
Glyptosternon stoliczkae
Glyptosternon sulcatus
Glyptothorax burmanicus
Glyptothorax fukiensis
Glyptothorax fukiensis fukiensis
Glyptothorax fukiensis hainanensis
Glyptothorax fukiensis punctatum
Glyptothorax horai
Glyptothorax lineatus
Glyptothorax manipurensis
Glyptothorax merus
Glyptothorax minutes
Glyptothorax punctatum
Glyptothorax siamensis
Glyptothorax sinense sinense
Glyptothorax spectrum
Nangra carcharhinoides
Nangra viridescens
Oreoglanis macropterum
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