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Bagridae = ( BAG rid dee )

These catfish are found throughout Asia and usually sport 4 pairs of barbels. The African bagrids can now be found in their own family; Claroteidae.

The vast majority of this family are predators so they should not be kept with small fishes. Their bodies are naked and most posess large adipose fins and a small anal fin.

Macrones affinis
Macrones aor
Macrones argentivittatus 
Macrones batasio
Macrones bimaculatus
Macrones bleekeri
Macrones blythii
Macrones corsula
Macrones dayi
Macrones (Hemibagrus) filamentus
Macrones fulvidraco
Macrones gulio
Macrones leucophasis
Macrones malabaricus
Macrones medianalis
Macrones merianiensis
Macrones microphthalmus
Macrones montanus dibrugarensis
Macrones nemurus
Macrones pratti
Macrones pulcher
Macrones punctatus
Macrones rufescens
Macrones tengana
Macrones tengara
Macrones tenuis
Macrones ussuriensis
Macrones vittatus 
Macrones wickioides
Macrones wolffii
Macrones wyckii
Macrones wyckioides
Mystus aor
Mystus argentivittatus
Mystus (Aorichthys) leucophasis
Mystus guttatus
Mystus havmolleri
Mystus macropterus
Mystus maydelli 
Mystus menoda microphthalmus
Mystus microphthalmus
Mystus nemurus
Mystus nudiceps
Mystus olyroides
Mystus punctatus
Mystus stigmaturus
Mystus tengra
Mystus vittatus
Mystus vittatus vittatus
Mystus wyckii
Mystus wyckioides
Mystus wyckoides
Pelteobagrus adiposalis
Pelteobagrus argentivittatus
Pelteobagrus crassilabris
Pelteobagrus fulvidraco
Pelteobagrus intermedius
Pelteobagrus nitidus
Pelteobagrus nudiceps
Pelteobagrus ussuriensis
Pelteobagrus vachelli
Pelteobagrus virgatus
Phractocephalus gogra
Phractocephalus kuturnee
Pimelodus aor
Pimelodus batasio
Pimelodus batasio
Pimelodus carcio
Pimelodus chandramara
Pimelodus fulvidraco
Pimelodus gulio
Pimelodus guttatus 
Pimelodus menoda
Pimelodus rama
Pimelodus rita
Pimelodus tengana
Pimelodus tengara
Platystoma seenghala
Porcus bajad
Porcus bayad
Porcus docmac
Porcus docmac bayad
Porcus docmac docmac
Porcus docmac niger
Porcus meridionalis
Prajadhipokia rex
Pseudeutropius atherinoides
Pseudobagrichthys macracanthus
Pseudobagrus adiposalis
Pseudobagrus albomarginatus
Pseudobagrus brevicaudatus
Pseudobagrus crassilabris
Pseudobagrus eupogon
Pseudobagrus fangi
Pseudobagrus fulvidraco
Pseudobagrus gracilis
Pseudobagrus gulio
Pseudobagrus ichikawai
Pseudobagrus intermedius
Pseudobagrus longirostris
Pseudobagrus nitidus
Pseudobagrus nudiceps
Pseudobagrus pratti
Pseudobagrus ransonnettii
Pseudobagrus tenuis
Pseudobagrus trilineatus
Pseudobagrus truncatus
Pseudobagrus ussuriensis
Pseudobagrus virgatus


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