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Loricariidae = ( lohr ih care EE id dee )  

This is the largest family with about 700 species and still growing with the onslaught of the L-Numbers.

Can be readily recognised with their overlapping plates covering the body and the downturned suckermouth. Some, but not all, relish a vegetarian diet.

Chaetostoma furcatum
Chaetostoma lineopunctata
Chaetostoma platyrhyncha
Chaetostoma tachiraensis
Chaetostomus alga
Chaetostomus bachi
Chaetostomus brevis
Chaetostomus cirrhosus punctata
Chaetostomus cochliodon
Chaetostomus dentex
Chaetostomus dorsalis
Chaetostomus gibbiceps
Chaetostomus gibbosus
Chaetostomus heteracanthus
Chaetostomus hoplogenys
Chaetostomus leucostictus
Chaetostomus microps
Chaetostomus milesi
Chaetostomus marcapatae
Chaetostomus nigrolineatus
Chaetostomus oligospilus
Chaetostomus punctatissimus
Chaetostomus schomburgkii
Chaetostomus setosus
Chaetostomus spinosus
Chaetostomus tectirostris
Chaetostomus thomsoni
Chaetostomus undecimalis
Chaetostomus vittatus
Cochliodon cochliodon
Cochliodon hondae
Cochliodon hypostomus
Cochliodon nigrolineatus
Cochliodon plecostomoides
Cochliodon pospisili
Cochliodon pyrineusi
Cochliodon taphorni
Cordylancistrus platyrhynchus
Corymbophanes venezuelae
Cteniloricaria fowleri
Epactionotus aky
Hartia microps
Harttia nijsseni
Harttia filamentissima
Harttia filamentosa
Hemiancistrus albocinctus
Hemiancistrus brevis
Hemiancistrus castelnaui
Hemiancistrus caquetae
Hemiancistrus gibbiceps
Hemiancistrus mayoloi
Hemiancistrus niger
Hemiancistrus pankimpuju
Hemiancistrus platyrhynchus
Hemiancistrus snethlageae
Hemiancistrus spilomma
Hemiancistrus spinosus
Hemiloricaria lanceolata
Hemiloricaria morrowi
Hemiloricaria stewarti
Hemiodon acipenserinus
Hemiodon platycephalus
Hemipsilichthys hystrix
Hemipsilichthys splendens
Hemipsilichthys steindachneri
Hisonotus maculicauda
Hisonotus minutus
Hypoptopoma acutirostre
Hypoptopoma acutirostris
Hypoptopoma carinatum
Hypoptopoma guentheri
Hypoptopoma joberti
Hypoptopoma wrightianum
Hypostoma punctatum
Hypostoma squalina
Hypostoma squalinum
Hypostomus aurantiacus
Hypostomus barbatus
Hypostomus butantanis
Hypostomus chapare
Hypostomus emarginatus
Hypostomus guacari
Hypostomus guttatus
Hypostomus limosus
Hypostomus madeirae
Hypostomus micropunctatus
Hypostomus nickeriensis
Hypostomus nigricans
Hypostomus niveatus
Hypostomus niveatus
Hypostomus nudiceps
Hypostomus occidentalis
Hypostomus pardalis
Hypostomus pictus
Hypostomus popoi
Hypostomus serratus
Hypostomus sipaliwinii
Hypostomus spiniger
Hypostomus spinosus
Hypostomus squalinus
Hypostomus surinamensis
Hypostomus tapanahoniensis
Hypostomus temminckii
Hypostomus unicolor
Hypostomus vicinus
Lasiancistrus anthrax
Lasiancistrus dumus
Lasiancistrus fuesslii
Lasiancistrus guapore
Lasiancistrus multispinis
Lasiancistrus niger
Lasiancistrus scolymus
Lasiancistrus snethlageae
Lasiancistrus tigris
Lasiancistrus volcanensis
Liposarus altipinnis
Liposarcus ambrosettii
Liposarcus anisitsi
Liposarcus jeanesianus
Liposarcus pardalis
Liposarcus scrophus
Liposarcus varius
Lithoxus (Paralithoxus) planquettei
Lithoxus (Paralithoxus) surinamensis
Loricaria accipenser
Loricaria amazonica
Loricaria aurea
Loricaria barbata
Loricaria beni
Loricaria carinata
Loricaria caquetae
Loricaria cirrhosa
Loricaria dentata
Loricaria dura
Loricaria eigenmanni
Loricaria fallax
Loricaria filamentosa
Loricaria filamentosa seminuda
Loricaria flava
Loricaria gymnogaster
Loricaria laeviuscula
Loricaria lanceolata
Loricaria laticeps
Loricaria latirostris
Loricaria leightoni
Loricaria maculata
Loricaria melanoptera
Loricaria microlepidogaster
Loricaria panamensis
Loricaria parahemiodon
Loricaria parva
Loricaria paulina
Loricaria phoxocephala
Loricaria piauhiae
Loricaria platystoma
Loricaria platyura
Loricaria prolixa
Loricaria prolixa lentiginosa  
Loricaria puganensis
Loricaria punctata
Loricaria scolopacina
Loricaria setifera
Loricaria spinosae
Loricaria stewarti
Loricaria submarginatus
Loricaria teffeana
Loricaria valenciennesii
Loricaria variegata venezuelae
Loricariichthys fallax
Loricariichthys lanceolatus
Loricariichthys melini
Panaque albomaculatus
Panaque gnomus
Panaque changae
Panaque dentex
Panaque maccus
Parahemiodon typus
Parancistrus nigricans
Parancistrus niveatus
Parancistrus punctatissimus
Parancistrus vicinus
Parotocinclus steindachneri
Peckoltia albocincta
Peckoltia bachi
Peckoltia feldbergae
Peckoltia platyrhyncha
Peckoltia scaphyrhyncha
Peckoltia snethlageae
Plecostomus affinis
Plecostomus aculeatus
Plecostomus bicirrosus
Plecostomus bicirrosus
Plecostomus borellii
Plecostomus boulengeri
Plecostomus brasiliensis
Plecostomus brasiliensis
Plecostomus cataphractus
Plecostomus chapare
Plecostomus commersoni
Plecostomus commersonoides
Plecostomus cordovae

Plecostomus flagellaris

Plecostomus guacari
Plecostomus gymnorhynchus
Plecostomus hemiurus
Plecostomus hondai
Plecostomus laplatae
Plecostomus limosus
Plecostomus luteomaculatus
Plecostomus luteus
Plecostomus madeirae
Plecostomus margaritifer
Plecostomus margaritifer butantanis
Plecostomus  micropunctatus
Plecostomus pellegrini
Plecostomus plecostomus
Plecostomus plecostomus
Plecostomus popoi
Plecostomus rachovii
Plecostomus regani
Plecostomus spilosoma
Plecostomus spiniger
Plecostomus taeniatus
Plecostomus unicolor
Plecostomus wertheimeri
Pseudancistrus luderwaldti
Pseudancistrus niger
Pseudohemiodon cryptodon
Pseudorinelepis agassizi
Pseudorinelepsis carachama
Pseudorinelepsis pellegrini
Pseudotocinclus ribeiroi
Pterygoplichthys anisitsi
Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps
Pterygoplichthys juvens
Pterygoplichthys juvens
Pterygoplichthys plecostomus
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